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The Implantable
Subcutaneous String Defibrillator*


* Development stage product - not for sale

The ISSD™ introduces a new dimension
in subcutaneous cardioverter defibrillators

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Completely unitary and flexible with an innovative, low-profile, string-like shape, it’s the first rechargeable ICD, with secure BLE communication for easy monitoring and interaction with other implanted devices.

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  • With no leads within the heart, ISSD™ implantation is minimally invasive and  does not require fluoroscopy during implantation. 

  • With leads placed alongside the sternum and the side, the device is easily inserted below the ribs, with only 3 small incisions required and no need to create a pulse generator pocket. 

  • This results in minimal anatomical protrusion, for improved patient comfort and aesthetic appearance.

Due to its very short, less invasive and simple implantation procedure, ISSD™ is the only ICD which may be implanted in an outpatient procedure

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